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In Como ‘the city of silk’ there is a museum dedicated to the precious fabric! In 1990 it is the opening of this museum dedicated to all the processing phases with the exhibition of the textile machinery and the reproduction of a chemical laboratory.


The Civic Arts Collections are located in Palazzo Volpi and they are chronologically displaced from Middle Ages  with frescoes and low-reliefs to the art collections of the XX century by local artists who work and live in this area, such as Sant’Elia, Manlio Rho and Ico Parisi.


Palazzo Olginati is the site of the historical Museum ‘Giuseppe Garibaldi’ where many objects belonging to Garibaldi and to local soldiers are exhibited; close to Palazzo Olginati there is  Palazzo Giovio, site from 1814 of  the Archeological Museum where many Egyptian and local finds are preserved, such as the important  Ca’ Morta Wagon ( Iron Age)

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