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The Cathedral



The cathedral located near Lake Como(1396 – 1745) has been built in almost 350 years allowing the visitors to admire several architectural styles: the gothic naves, the renaissance façade decorated with many works of art by the brothers Rodari, the baroque dome and the side apses.

Inside you can admire many works of art such as standards and tapestries dating back to the XVI and XVII centuries, the holy water fonts coming from the previous ‘Santa Maria Maggiore’ Church dating XI cent., a beautiful wooden ancona dedicated to St. Abondius (Patron of Como) dating XVI cent. and the precious XIV cent. altar- piece.

Close to the cathedral  the Broletto palace built in 1215 in Gothic – Romanasque style with multi – colour Marble bands used as Court of Justice. Today is an Exibition and Conference Centre.

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