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Villa Carlotta and Villa Melzi D'Eril


This itineary is for passionate with historical villas and gardens. The tour starts in the Italian garden facing villa Carlotta, located in an amazing position on lake Como. Villa Carlotta is popular all over the world for the flowering of azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons but a visit is worth  to the othere essences such as liriodendron, sequoias... After visiting the gardens, we enter the villa to admire works of art by Canova, considered one of the most important sculptur of the XVIIIth century, the impressive ?Last kiss of Romeo and Juliet' by Hayez, considered the manifesto of the Romantic movement in Italy and we can't miss the private apartment of the last owners the Sachsen Meininghens.


Then we catch the boat ( public or private as you prefer) and we move to Bellagio, the 'Pearl of the lake' to visit the gardens of Villa Melzi, there we admire a cosy Japanese garden, a gazebo from where the view of lake Como is absolutely gorgeous, many interesting essences such as the camphor tree, beautiful azaleas, camellias, Citrus trees. arrived in front of villa Melzi I tell you about the history of the family and the villa ( the villa is closed to the public as still private), we visit the private Church and the museum located in the old orangerie where we admire an interesting collection of memorabilia.


Time: 3 hours


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