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When you visit Lake Como Region it is important to make the five senses active, discovering and admiring artistic jewels, beautiful landscapes, but also awakening olfaction and taste as you can live a complete experience.

Lake Como, the countyside and valleys give a wide range gastronomy with a rural and tasty produce. Hereafter you will find a brief describtion of typical dishes to make your mouth water. Come and visit us!

Como traditional cuisine is influenced by the presence of the lake, the valleys and the Brianza country. The main ingredients of the lake cuisine is, of course, fish: the most popular one is Missoltin, salted, shad dried in the sun and preserved in the ‘missolte’, container with wooden lid from which derives its name; it is grilled and served with vinegar and grilled polenta (cornmeal). Another typical fish is whitefish, the perch traditionally served with rice, or whitefish in carp, that is fried, marinated with water and vinegar with onions, and bay leaves.    


The valley cuisine is based on polenta cooked in different ways, as the popular polenta uncia with butter, cheese, garlic and sage, or polenta with sugar, honey  or marmalade, polenta and eggs.



The country cuisine is a rural cuisine whose ingredients are: pork and game, a typical dishes is ‘cassoeula with pork and Savoy cabbage, or Busecca that is tripe, polenta and birds, cotechino, a spiced Italian sausage served with beans.




Desserts, too, are rustic and one of the most popular is: Miascia, a cake with stale bread, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, apples, pine-nuts and dried raisins. Resta of Como is a cake where a wishing olive branch is put and, and finally the Cutizza, a sort of fried focaccia.

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