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How to reach Como

In this section you find many ways to get to the beautiful town of Como, moreover in the section 'Links' you can consult many websites to have further informations.




Here are several ways to reach us!

You find many informations on how to reach the beautiful town of Como; besides in the section ‘Links’ there are many useful sites to have further informations.


You find indications to get to Como

By car: motorway from Milan take A9 moterway to Como – Chiasso

By train: FNM from Milan  - Cadorna to Como , stop at Como Lago station.

                FS form Milano Centrale to Como, stop at  San Giovanni station.

By airplane:

Linate: take the bus N 73 get off San Babila square, then take the metro to Milano Centrale and hese take the FS tran to Como, stop at San Giovanni Station; or take the metro to Cadorna station and take the FNM train to Como and stop at Como Lago Station. If you have a car in Linate Airport take the east         direction A4, then A9 to Como  - Chiasso. The distance is 65 km. and it takes 45 minutes.

Malpensa: take Malpensa Express shuttle to Milan, change train in Saronno station and take the train to Como.

If you have a car in Malpensa airport take the A8 motorway Milan direction and then  A9 motorway to Como – Chiasso. The distance is 60 km and it takes 30 minutes.

Lugano: take the bus to the train station and take the train to Como, stop at San Giovanni station.

If you have a car in Lugano Airport take the motorway from Lugano to Milan and exit at Como Nord. The distance is 30 km. and it takes 25 minutes.

Orio al Serio (Bg): take the bus to Milano Centrale station, then take the train to Como, or take the bus to Bergamo and then the train to Como.

If you have a car at Orio al Serio airport  take the A4 motorway Turin direction, then the A9 motorway Como direction and exit at Como Nord.

Trains coming from  Switzerland or Germany to Milan station stop at San Giovanni Station.

Cars coming from Switzerland or Germany take the A9 motorway to Milan and exit at Como Nord.

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